May 19, 2024·Zachary Olkin
Zachary Olkin

A device agnostic driver for the ICM-20948 IMU written in Rust

This project is a ICM-20948 (Inertial Measurement Unit) device driver written in Rust. The driver uses the embedded-hal traits and thus can be used on any microcontroller that has a HAL that implements those traits. The source code can be found on github. Documentation can be found on the docs.rs page. The data sheet for this device can be found here. See the documentation for current limitations and future plans. Please create an issue on github or contact me if there are issues that need to be resolved.

I decided to start writing this driver to practice writing Rust and to provide an easy to use IMU driver for future projects. I hope to use it in my robotics projects.

I currently have plans to update the driver soon with changes as suggested in the Github Repo. Another blog post will be published when those changes go live.

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IMU Datasheet

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